Why you Need Waterproof Decking

When you have a surface that isn’t protected by a building, it will be important to take additional steps in order to protect the area. Your deck regularly faces exposure to the outside elements. By adding waterproof decking, you will be able to provide protection for your decks and other outside surfaces. Here are a few of the reasons why you need waterproof decking from our team at Allied Painters.

What is Waterproof Decking?

Waterproof decking is essentially a comprehensive deck system that is designed to provide protection for your deck. This is a multi-layered coating system for your deck that consists of cementitious underlayment, formulated resins, as well as a fluid-applied waterproof membrane. This comprehensive approach serves to minimize damage to your deck and protect it from potential water damage.

A Finished Deck

It is important to ensure that your deck is properly finished in order to keep it in good condition. This is another advantage of our waterproof decking services. Not only do these services help to waterproof the surface, but they also provide a decorative finish for the deck. This often goes a long way toward improving the overall appearance of the deck. The waterproofing helps to mitigate damage that the deck may potentially face.

Where to Use Waterproof Decking

Understanding where to use waterproof decking can enable you to make the best decisions for your own property. Despite the name of the services, they can be used for fixtures aside from just decks. You may use waterproof decking on an array of surfaces, including new or existing magnesite, plywood, or concrete surfaces. These services are often used on balconies, exterior walking decks, stairs, patios, ramps, roof decks, sun decks, platforms, and observation decks.

Seamless Protection

The design of our waterproof decking system serves to provide monolithic, seamless protection. This system utilizes a waterproof membrane that minimizes any chinks in your deck’s armor. This seamless protection prevents water intrusion and reduces the possibility of damage.

Fabric Reinforced

Another key benefit of our waterproof decking system is that it is fabric reinforced. This helps to provide flexural strength and enhance crack resistance of the treated area. These steps aid in further protecting your deck from multiple kinds of damage.

Enhanced UV Stability

One of the major ways an external fixture sustains damage is by exposure to UV rays. This wear can often be reduced through the use of our waterproof decking services that help to provide enhanced UV stability. Enhanced UV stability helps to prevent the surface from yellowing or degrading due to exposure from the sun.

Wide Array of Textures

Waterproof decking services help to provide multiple options to help meet your needs. These help to provide slip-resistant textures that are available in many different colors and finishes. This enables you to make a decision that will better meet your specific needs and preferences.

Reduced Expenses

By minimizing damage to your surfaces, you will often find a great number of reduced expenses involved in keeping them in good condition. These coatings help to reduce the amount of maintenance and repair expenses that you may face to keep the surface in good condition. It also helps to extend the life cycle of the surface, which will aid in further reducing your expenses.

VOC and LEED Compliant

Our waterproof decking system is both VOC and LEED compliant. This helps to minimize the amount of odor that the system creates and ensures that there is a fast cure time, which ensures that your system is installed as conveniently as possible.

Waterproof decking can go a long way toward protecting multiple surfaces on your property. They can enhance the value and condition of your deck, as well as extend its overall longevity. These coatings are also able to minimize UV ray damage, as well as damage that may occur to your deck due to water exposure. For more information about the many advantages that come along with waterproof decking, contact our team at Allied Painters today!