Top Reasons that Black Houses are a Growing Trend

Though it may seem surprising to envision an all-black exterior for your home, black houses are a growing trend. There are many reasons for this. When you are deciding on the color that you want for the exterior of your home, it will be important to consider all of your various preferences. If you are considering painting the outside of your home black, you will want to consider all of the reasons that black houses are a growing trend. Our team at Allied Painters can provide the ideal exterior painting services to implement the ideal appearance for your building.

Pinterest Trends

black houses

When people are looking for design ideas, Pinterest is an incredibly common resource that they turn to. Pinterest has announced that the saves for black houses have grown as much as 700% in recent years. This is an extremely obvious example to prove that black houses are indeed a growing trend.

Absorb Heat from Sun

Black houses ultimately absorb a lot of heat from the sun because they are not reflective. There are both advantages and disadvantages to this. When a black house absorbs heat, it will be easier to keep it warm in the winter. This can help to lower your heating costs. However, the opposite tends to apply in the summer. When you have a black home, you may need to pay more in cooling costs in the summer. In general, this means that the black house trend may be less likely to continue in hot climates but may grow more popular in colder climates.

A Growing Trend

Black houses are a trend that we began to see in the US in 2017. It has been consistently and quickly growing since this time. The mere fact that black houses are more common can embolden you to try it yourself. Seeing other black houses can give you the confident push that you need to try it yourself. In addition, keeping up with growing trends might be able to increase the value of your home.

A Unique Look

Black homes provide a particularly unique look. This can help your home to stand out from all the other buildings in your neighborhood. If you want your home to portray your unique personality, you may want to consider a black exterior for your new paint job.

Neutral Tones

Though you may not think of black for your home exterior, it is important to note that black is still a neutral tone. This makes it much easier to match your black exterior with other colors or various materials. It is often extremely beneficial to use a neutral tone for the outside of your property because it will provide you with much more freedom to make decorating choices for your building.

Emphasize Lines and Angles

A black paint job can help to provide an emphasis on the various lines and angles of your home. This often helps to provide you with a much more modern feel and streamlined appearance. When you emphasize the lines and angles of your property, you can often provide a far more cohesive, pristine appearance. This is just one of the benefits of a black exterior paint job.

Popular in Multiple Cultures

Black houses expand across many cultures. In fact, this house color has been popular in Japan for years. Though it is a new trend in the USA, it has been a tried and tested paint color for many other culture types.

Easy to Dress Up

A black exterior paint job can be easy to dress up and make pop. When you choose a fun contrasting color for the door or the trim, you can often create the best possible appearance for your home. In addition, when you add decorations to your home, such as holiday decorations, it will be much easier to ensure that they match with the exterior of your property.

Protects Material from UV Rays

Though black paint absorbs sun rays, it can serve as a protective layer for the underlying building materials. This can help to prevent damage from UV rays, which can save you money on repair costs over time.

Not Reflective

Black is a color that is generally not reflective. This means that your home will stand alone on its own merit, rather than reflecting your landscaping or your neighbor’s house. This can go a long way toward giving you control over the appearance of your property.

Beautiful Backdrop for Landscapes

Black contrasts beautifully with the green of your landscape. When you implement a black exterior color for your property, you can often help to provide an amazing contrast. This helps to provide you with a gorgeous property.

Work with a Professional

Whenever you intend to complete an exterior paint job, it is often beneficial to work with a professional painting service. This can help to provide a better appearance, as well as ensure that the job is completed safely. An exterior paint job often means that you will have to reach high up places. When this is the case, it is essential to use the appropriate tools in order to ensure that your processes are completed safely.

Black houses are a growing trend, and these are just a few of the reasons why. Our team at Allied Painters can help to provide you with the best black exterior paint job to meet all of your needs. Our professional painting services can help to substantially improve the overall appearance of your property. To learn more about why black houses are a growing trend and how to obtain the best appearance for your property, contact us at Allied Painters today!