The Best Paint Colors for Selling a House

A fresh coat of paint is one of the most affordable ways to increase the value of your home. Many people choose to repaint their home prior to selling. Not only will this immediately make the home look nicer and cleaner, but it will also increase its value. Using specific colors when you paint your home can significantly help you in the selling process. Not everyone’s taste will align with yours, which is why it may be best to follow these painting guidelines when you intend to sell your home.


Studies have shown that navy doors are particularly appealing to a large audience. A navy door will allow you to add a pleasing splash of color to the exterior without the door being too pronounced or ostentatious. For the rest of the house’s exterior, a combination of gray and beige seems to result in the best value for the home.


The kitchen is a place in the home where people spend a significant amount of time. The people will be both eating and cooking there, which ensures that they will be in the kitchen several times daily. Kitchens that are painted in gray or soft blues tend to be more appealing to buyers. Additionally, dining rooms tend to be most popular when painted in a slate or gray color.

Living Room

Neutral colors tend to be ideal for living rooms. Painting the living room in beiges, oatmeal, or browns is generally a good idea.


Blue seems to be one of the most popular colors for paint in a variety of rooms. Blues are recommended for both bathrooms and bedrooms. Blue is a tranquil color that helps individuals to feel relaxed and calm. Pale blues are recommended for bathrooms, while livelier shades of blue are perfect for bedrooms.

These colors have been shown through many Zillow studies to improve the value of your home. If you are planning on selling your home, you should consider implementing these colors to your house in order to obtain the best possible price. To obtain expert painting services, contact us at Allied Painters today!