Proper Paint Storage for Reuse

No matter what your painting project is, it is likely that you will have some leftover paint. This paint can be stored and used for touch-ups or even other projects. If you don’t want the clutter, you can potentially donate the paint to a local artist or theater group. However, here are some valuable steps to follow if you do wish to store the paint.

When Painting

Don’t use a screwdriver to open the paint can. This can cause the lid to bend, which can ruin its seal. Use a paint can opener to open your paint, instead. For the same reason, you shouldn’t use a hammer to close the lid when you are done using it. This will also bend the lid. If possible, gently use a soft mallet.

Proper Storage

The most important thing is to store paint in a cool, dry place. Extreme temperatures will change the consistency of the paint and render it unusable. Moisture will also cause rust to form on metal paint cans. The ideal place to store paint is usually in the basement. Keep in mind that you will need to store it off the ground to prevent moisture accumulation. Before you put the lid back on the paint, clean any spattered paint out of the sealing rim of the can. Cover the opening of a can with plastic wrap and place the lid over the top. When you are certain that the seal is airtight, store the paint can upside down. This will allow the paint to create another airtight seal against the lid.

Before you store the paint, you should mark the container with the name and number of the paint. Also mark where you used the paint. This can help you easily match the paint. Here at Allied Painters, we offer excellent painting services that are sure to make your project easier. To learn more about our painting services, contact us today!