Most Popular Exterior Colors

Changing the exterior of your home can go a long way toward creating a new, fresh appearance. When you decide to change the exterior color of your property, it can be useful to get ideas from some of the most popular exterior colors. This will help you to determine what you like and the appearance that you want your home to have. It is also important to keep in mind that every building will need to have the exterior repainted eventually in order to optimize its appearance. Here are some of the most popular exterior colors to help you decide on a new exterior color for your building.

Shades of White

popular exterior colorsWhite is extremely popular for home exteriors. It matches well with a variety of other colors, which allows you to choose brighter colors for accents. Bright white shades are extremely popular with colonial-style homes. There are many shades of white that can help to change the appearance of your home. For example, you can use a white with blue undertones. Pair this color with brighter blue trim and a bright blue front door to add a splash of color to your building. White stucco also pairs particularly well with stone sections, which provides a particularly elegant appearance.


Wheat is a shade that can provide a beautiful balance that makes the best of both worlds. It is somewhere between white and yellow, which provides a pristine, neutral color. The use of this shade can help to provide a subtle splash of color that creates a much more cheerful appearance for your building.

Neutral Shades

Neutral shades are extremely popular because they are subtle and can match an array of other colors. When you work with neutral shades, you will have many options available for the trim, door color, and other choices. One particularly common color scheme is a shade of beige, with a black door and white trim. This pairing is elegant and can go a long way toward enhancing the appearance of the property.


Grays are another popular option for exterior colors. There are many different shades of gray that can provide a vastly different appearance for your property. In fact, you can use many different shades of gray with each other to add dimension to your paint job. These can be paired with a bright door to add color to your building. Dark gray is another excellent choice. It can be paired with white siding and black shutters to provide a beautiful contrast. Gray-blue can also be paired with a bright colored door in order to provide the appearance that you desire for your property.


Red is capable of providing a fresh and traditional appearance to your property. Barn red or burgundy tend to be particularly popular shades for providing this appearance. Red pairs well with whites and grays, which can be used for the door, trims, or shutters. Implementing this color to your property can go a long way toward providing a bold, beautiful appearance. Various shades of red can be used to improve the appearance of your home.


Wood can be incredibly beautiful on its own merits. Using various shades of stained wood can go a long way toward improving the appearance of your property. Wood adds a great amount of warmth to the property. Grays also look beautiful with stained wood. Steel gray can help to provide a unique contrast with the wood. You can use a rich shade of gray in order to bridge the gap between these very different appearances. This is a great way to obtain a modern, pristine appearance for your building.


Yellow is an incredibly cheerful, positive color to add to the exterior of your property. It can immediately create a happier atmosphere within and outside of your home. However, it is often most beneficial to ensure that you use pale shade of yellow. This will help to ensure that the color is more appealing to a wider array of people. Bright yellows can be a bit too much for some people’s tastes, so it can be beneficial to ensure that you use a paler shade, especially if you plan on eventually selling the home.


Black, while it may seem surprising, has become increasingly popular over time. It is good at hiding dirt and ensuring that your building looks pristine. Black is a color that works particularly well with brick and wood. Gray accents can be used to lighten up the dark appearance of black. It is highly likely that you will see an increase in homes that embrace a black-oriented color scheme. This can be another great choice for your property, though it will depend on your specific preferences and desires.

The exterior paint job of your property will have a huge impact on the overall appearance of the building. This will impact the first impression that other people have of your property. Even if you don’t want to change the color scheme, it will still be important to ensure that you have the exterior repainted on a regular basis. Here at Allied Painters, we provide an array of painting services to optimize the appearance of your building. To learn more about how to choose the ideal exterior color for your building or to obtain our painting services, contact our team at Allied Painters today!