How to Tell that it’s Time for a New Paint Job

Obtaining a new paint job for your building can provide a broad array of benefits. Fortunately, paint jobs are one of the most affordable improvements that you can make to your building while maintaining an incredibly high ROI. No paint job is capable of lasting forever, so it is important to provide a new coat of paint when it becomes necessary. Understanding the signs can help you know when it is time to procure a new paint job to optimize the appearance and condition of your building.

How a New Paint Job can Benefit your Property

A new paint job can significantly improve the overall appearance of a building. Not only can it improve the building’s curb appeal, but it can also improve the value of the building. A new paint job can make it easier to sell a property, among many other things. A paint job can help to protect your building and can help to seal potential entry points where pests may otherwise enter the building.

Worn Down Appearance

An old paint job will ultimately result in a worn-down appearance for the building. Sometimes this can be resolved with a thorough wash, or power wash for exterior walls, but in other cases, it is due to the actual condition of the paint. In these situations, it will be necessary to add a new coat of paint to restore the building to its prior condition. A new paint job can go a long way toward making the building look similarly new. If you’ve noticed that your building has started to look shabby, dirty, or worn-down, it may need a new paint job.

Hardened or Peeling Caulking

The caulking around your doorways and windows is in place to provide insulation and weatherproofing for your building. When this caulking hardens or peels, it is no longer serving its intended purpose. This is an indication that the areas need to be resealed. This will likely require a new paint job to accomplish thoroughly and effectively. Ensure that you check these areas regularly to guarantee that the weatherproofing methods of your home are functioning appropriately and keeping your home protected and comfortable.

Residue Left Behind

One of the first indications that paint is deteriorating is when it leaves behind a residue. This residue will have a rather chalky texture on the surface of the paint. When this residue appears, it is showing that the paint is beginning to deteriorate. The paint will only continue to deteriorate from this point, resulting in a much worse appearance. A good step to take when you notice residue from your existing paint job is to implement a new paint job for your property.

Rotting Wood or Rusting Metal

Rotting wood often occurs when a paint job begins to wear out. This can often be detected when wooden surfaces begin to feel soft and malleable to the touch. Implementing the superior paint job for your building can help to catch rotting wood before it can escalate and ensure that your building remains in good condition. The same thing applies to metal surfaces, such as walls often used in warehouses. When you notice rust present on the metal, it is likely time to repaint the surfaces of the building to prevent the damage from escalating.

Personal Preference

Are you getting tired of seeing the same old color in the living room every time you walk down the stairs? Whenever a color starts to feel old or overused to you, you can invest in a new paint job. A paint job is a great way to completely change the appearance of a room, which can be valuable in allowing it to feel like new. These paint jobs can help to get you out of a rut when it comes to the colors of your home.

Preparing to Sell

Any time you are preparing to sell a building, it is incredibly useful to implement a new paint job to every area of the building. This includes both interior and exterior painting to both make a good first impression and enhance the continuing impression of the building. These services are vital in improving the value and appearance of the building and ensure that possible buyers are happy with the appearance of the building.

Discoloration or Fading

Discoloration occurs when a paint job begins to wear down. You can often detect discoloration due to an inconsistent hue when you survey the surface of a wall. Fading is also a frequent issue with an old paint job. Fading can occur when a paint job is frequently exposed to UV rays that cause them to wear down and results in a faded appearance. These various discolorations and issues can cause a building to look old and less nice than it actually is. A new paint job serves to alleviate these concerns by providing a consistent, bright appearance for whatever surface it is used on. It is vital to obtain a new coat of paint to provide the best possible appearance for your building.

Cracking or Flaking

new paint jobOne of the most immediately apparent signs that you need a new paint job is when your existing paint job shows signs of flaking, cracking, chipping, or forming bubbles underneath the surface. These aspects significantly detract from the appearance of the paint job and indicate that the paint is no longer in good condition. Cracking, flaking, and bubbles often occur when the paint is regularly exposed to UV rays from the sun or has been exposed to high levels of humidity. Whenever you see these signs, it is important to procure a new paint job for the affected surfaces.

A new paint job can completely change the appearance both within and without your home. They can improve the appearance, along with the value. We offer a large array of painting services to ensure that your home can maintain the best possible appearance. To learn more about how to tell that it’s time for a new paint job, contact our experienced professionals at Allied Painters today!