How to Remove Stains from Walls

Any wall is sure to accumulate stains over time. These stains can occur from spills, accidents, and artistically inclined children. Removing these stains is necessary to provide a clean, polished appearance. It will also be important to remove stains from walls before you paint them in order to provide the ideal paint job. Make sure that you test each stain-removal technique on a small surface of the wall before using it to clean the wall. This will ensure that it won’t damage your existing paint job.

Basic Stains

When you first attempt to remove a stain, you should try the simplest method possible. Water, a sponge, and a little dish soap create an ample concoction for removing grease stains and other easier kinds of stains. Baby wipes are another easy solution for stain removal. These are great for removing crayon and fingerprints. Wipe in a circular motion for the most effective removal. Baking soda on a damp sponge is another way to easily remove stains. This can also result in a much cleaner, brighter wall.

More Difficult Stains

Scorch marks and permanent marker stains will require more intensive cleaning methods. Trying to rub them off will only result in a larger stain. Cotton balls soaked in rubbing alcohol will help to remove these stains from your wall. Cleaning erasers can be purchased from most stores. These can help remove much more stubborn stains, resulting in exceedingly clean walls.

Stain removal can have many benefits. It will make your room look much nicer and cleaner. This can be a difficult process, despite all of its benefits. Here at Allied Painters, we provide power washing services to help clean the exterior of your home. We are also capable of providing the prep services required for any painting job. To learn more about our painting services, contact us at Allied Painters today!