How to Choose Colors for your Home

Colors can impact the tone of the room, but they are also capable of affecting your mood. Color is even able to impact your physiological responses. Knowing how different colors can change your mood can help you choose the best colors for your home. Keep in mind that how colors affect you will depend largely on your experiences and memories. Choose colors that you like and will make you feel happy, regardless of what the psychology behind them says.

Warm Colors

Warm colors generally promote warmth and sometimes aggressiveness. They can be used in cold climates to make an interior feel warmer. These colors also tend to be more energizing.


Yellow colors help create happiness, optimism, and inspiration. These colors can help a space feel brighter and sunnier, which may be ideal for rooms that don’t receive much direct sunlight.


Red is a color that can dramatically impact your mood. It promotes confidence, excitement, and energy. The vitalizing impact of red means that it is not recommended for bedrooms, but it can add a cheerful feel to other areas of the home.


Orange colors invoke feelings of warmth, vibrancy, and enthusiasm. It is also said to stimulate appetite, so it may be good for use in a dining area or kitchen.

Cool Colors

Cool colors tend to be more calming and can even be depressing. They can make a room feel cooler, especially if it is hot outside.


Blue is a calming color. It is often used for bedrooms due to its especially relaxing effect.


Purple is a color that stimulates the imagination. It is great for use in crafting rooms, but can also be used to produce a relaxing effect.


Green invokes feelings of calm and relaxation. It also encourages concentration and focus, which makes it great for offices.

Other Colors

In general, bright colors can be used to create the illusion of space in a home. Alternatively, dark colors will make a space feel much smaller. Neutral colors can be used with accents of color to produce these effects without the space being unnecessarily difficult to decorate. Combinations of colors can be used to create the ideal environment for specific rooms. For example, blue and yellow are able to create a workout room that enhances energy while cooling down the environment.

If you’re having trouble deciding, the psychology of color can help you choose colors for your home. Ultimately, you should choose colors that you like and would be happy to see on a regular basis. Our experts can help you determine the perfect choice for the colors in your home. To learn more about our painting services, contact us at Allied Painters today!