How Often Should you Power Wash your House?

There are many factors that impact how often you should power wash your house. Houses in more humid climates or those frequently exposed to dust and dirt may require power washing more frequently. Power washing can even help improve the health of those living within your home, as mildew can have many negative consequences when it is allowed to grow.

How Often you Should Power Wash

Power washing uses a strong stream of water to wash the exterior of a home. This method is used to remove dirt and mildew from the outside of the building. A dirty home will look much older than it is, but this can be remedied through a power wash. How often you should power wash depends on different things. You should power wash your building when it becomes dirty or accumulates mildew. Aside from this, you should try to have your home professionally power washed annually to ensure the best appearance.

Reasons to Power Wash your Home

You should power wash your home whenever the exterior appears dirty or has accumulated mildew. Power washing prior to painting can help the exterior paint adhere more securely to the surface of the wall, which will allow it to last much longer. Additionally, you should power wash your home prior to putting it up for sale. This will allow the exterior to look much cleaner and newer.

Power washing your house can provide many benefits to its exterior and its appearance. Unchecked mildew can even result in health problems for those living within the home, which is why it must be dealt with accordingly. We are able to provide excellent power washing services to meet your needs. To obtain a power wash for your home, contact us at Allied Painters today!