A dirty house will often look older and appear to be in disrepair. The walls must be cleaned thoroughly before being painted to produce the best results. A house cleaned of mildew and dirt will also look much better than one that hasn’t been cleaned.


All the dirt must be removed from the building prior to painting. You don’t want to paint over dirt and mildew. Not only can painting over mildew hide potential problems, but it will also look bad. Packed on dirt can cause abrasions under the paint job and can also cause the paint to need to be refreshed sooner.

Power washing is a vital step to provide the most thorough exterior paint job possible. When power washing is used before painting, the paint job will last longer, look better, and will not contain other abrasions.


Though power washing is extremely useful before painting, it can also be used simply as a cleaning tool. Power washing will remove dirt and mildew from the exterior of your home, which will greatly improve its appearance. A recently cleaned house will look much newer and cleaner. A clean house will also allow you to find any structural problems that may be covered by dirt or mildew, which can prevent serious damage from occurring later on.

Power washing can be used for both businesses and houses. It is important to keep the exterior of a business clean. A dirty building may convey carelessness to customers, which may lose their business. Power washing is a simple way to ensure that all dirt and mildew is removed from the building.

Not only will a clean house be a better starting point for painting, but it will simply look nicer. Power washing is an excellent way to clean the exterior of a building. For more information about our power washing services, contact us at Allied Painters Inc. today!