There are many things that can result in the need for a new paint job. Paint can fade over time or due to sunlight exposure. Paint jobs can suffer cracks and chips, which can drastically impact your home’s appearance. Regardless of the reason, a new paint job can improve or positively alter your home’s appearance. Whether you want to change the color scheme in your entire home, or simply want a new, refreshed appearance, Allied Painters Inc. can provide you with excellent painting services.

Get a New Look

A new paint job can completely change the feel of your home. Brightening up a dull paint job can make a room feel new. A different color scheme can dramatically change the atmosphere inside a home. Small imperfections can be eliminated during the process of a new paint job, providing your home with the best appearance possible.

The Process

We follow a simple process to ensure that you get a perfect paint job every time.

  1. Set Up- The first step is to move all the furniture into the center of the room. All of the furniture and carpeting will be covered in a protective plastic.
  2. Prep- The second step involves thorough prepping of the walls. This includes filling holes and cracks, as well as sealing stains and sanding any necessary areas.
  3. Prime and Paint- The final step involves the priming and painting of the designated area. After the paint is dry, we will clean up and return all of the furniture to its original location.

Contact us at Allied Painters Inc. for a more thorough explanation of our painting process.

Hire a Professional

A new paint job can significantly improve your home’s appearance. Although it is a relatively inexpensive way of updating your home, painting can take a significant amount of time. A professional service can perform these services efficiently, while simultaneously providing you with a quality paint job.

Hiring a professional painting service is one of the best ways to make your home feel new. Here at Allied Painters Inc., we have the experience necessary to give you a perfect paint job, every time. For more information about our interior painting services, contact us at Allied Painters Inc. today!